Articles to Aid Your Ground and Air Source Heat Pump Research
Find a variety of articles covering ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps on this page. All of the articles are supplied by third parties aiming to provide you with more knowledge and understanding of heat pumps; we are not liable for the content. These articles are designed to help you make an informed choice when selecting a ground or air source heat pump. Please read through the articles to help you make the best choice for your property or commercial property.

3 Reasons to Install Ground Source Heat Pumps

Why install Ground Source Heat Pumps? Here are 3 reasons to install and run Ground Source Heat Pumps in your home. The answer is that correctly designed and well installed, ground source heat pumps will lower fuel bills and reduce environmental impact, while providing reliable comfortable home heating. They can also provide both space and […]

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The Heat Pump Systems Demystified – Air and Ground Source Heating

Here we will demystify for you heat pump systems, what they are and how they are used, both for air and ground source Heating and Cooling/ Air Conditioning. In heating mode, well designed heat pump installations are three to four times more effective at heating than simple electrical resistance heaters using the same amount of electricity. […]

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How Does Ground Source Heating Work | How do Ground Source Heat Pumps Work

A common misconception is that ground source heat pumps only work in warmer periods of the year or in warmer climates. This is not the case and systems can be equally effective in the UK during the winter to provide a constant heat which you can utilise for hot water or for heating your home. […]